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Windows Microsoft has decided to rush out a fix for a flaw in Windows, saying that the problem has become too serious to ignore. The flaw, which will be patched on Tuesday, was originally disclosed to Microsoft in December, but it was not publicly reported until last week. The bug lies in the way Windows processes .ani Animated Cursor files, which are used to create cartoon-like cursors in Windows.
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{ Say, for example, if i was to compare the security of my house to Buckingham Palace. There's been far fewer attacks on my house than Buckingham Palace yet does that make my house more secure? Nope - it just means that Buckingham Palace is a bigger target. }

There are more black hats attacking Windows, more systems running Windows for people to attack, more vulnerable point in Windows to attack, and far, far more "tools" to use in attacks (eg existing viruses and other malware to modify to get past virus checkers) against Windows than is the case for either Mac or Linux.

Windows has: more attacks against it, more ways to be attacked, more points of weakness to attack, more people attacking it, and it presents a more attractive target to attack.

So, using which OS are you likely to be less secure?

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