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OS/2 and eComStation "In this anniversary, I'd like to shed some light about my first-hand experience with [OS/2], especially since I see many attempts at history re-writing and over-simplification, when people compress OS/2's two decades into a single paragraph. An OS/2 user named Roger Perkins wrote to OS/2 newsgroups ten years ago: "Here's to OS/2's 10th Anniversary on April 2nd! No OS has ever died so many times!"
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From what I read years ago, the IBM-Microsoft partnership was doomed from the start: How much IBM paid Microsoft depended upon how many lines of code the Microsoft developers wrote - and write they did. Examine how many more steps it is to add a new printer in MS OS/2 1.2 compared with IBM OS/2 1.3.

Also, from what I read, the IBM-Microsoft partnership failed because Microsoft billed for more lines than they actually wrote for OS/2 - IBM was upset that Microsoft was billing IBM for code which Microsoft was actually writing for Windows 3.x and not OS/2.

I am pretty sure I read this in a PC Plus Magazine, sometime around 1991.

Oh well, all ancient history now... I sometimes amuse myself thinking that there may be some lone IBMer somewhere in a dark basement corner slowly shifting through the OS/2 source code, separating the IBM written code from everything else... clearing file by file through their legal department.

One can dream but I think I have better odds winning the jackpot on the lottery.

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