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Windows Microsoft has decided to rush out a fix for a flaw in Windows, saying that the problem has become too serious to ignore. The flaw, which will be patched on Tuesday, was originally disclosed to Microsoft in December, but it was not publicly reported until last week. The bug lies in the way Windows processes .ani Animated Cursor files, which are used to create cartoon-like cursors in Windows.
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Sick of the OS wars
by Laurence on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 07:43 UTC
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Anyway - i'm sick of these OS wars - most of the people who argue that Windows is sh*t don't use the system anyway and are likely never to side with MS even if they were on fire and Bill Gates had the last ever bottle of water.

The only use Windows because Linux doesn't run Cubase, but I've been more than happy with the Windows system I run. Equally I prefer to play around in BSD these days. It's just using the right environment for the right job.

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