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Windows Microsoft has decided to rush out a fix for a flaw in Windows, saying that the problem has become too serious to ignore. The flaw, which will be patched on Tuesday, was originally disclosed to Microsoft in December, but it was not publicly reported until last week. The bug lies in the way Windows processes .ani Animated Cursor files, which are used to create cartoon-like cursors in Windows.
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If you did manage to get malware onto a linux machine, and manged to get the user to give the root password, then of course you could get a script to run something like
rm -R -f /*

but what would that accomplish ?
you would ruin one machine.

Joe User would of course loose his mp3 and porno, but he should have backups anyway, they are HIS files after all... but then saying and doing are two different things...

Exactly my point though - most of Windows successful attacks these days are worms, trojens, etc and are down to Windows users being too stupid to use their system correctly.

now, back to the scenario...
you have managed to get your malware on a mcahine, excalated its rights to actually run,(with user assistance), and borked the machine....

end of story.
the malware has not been able to replicate or pass on to another, where you are going to have to start the whole process again.

If a program has elivated its rights, then it's clearly got the power to self replicate. To say that malware on Linux with elivated rights only has the power to delete files is a little nieve i think. I could write a shell script tomorrow that replicated itself using echo commands, so clearly a more advanced program would have greater scope of malice.


just so you don't get teh wrong idea - i'm by no means saying Windows is more secure than Linux!
Just that Windows /can/ be secure in the right hands.

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