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Apple This morning, Apple and EMI announced the availabilty of DRM-free music in the iTunes Music Store. DRM-free songs will feature a higher audio quality (256kbps), and will cost USD/EUR 1.29 per song. They also announced that they are working on getting The Beatles' music in the iTMS.
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RE[4]: Yay
by Laurence on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 12:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Yay"
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It's about supply and demand. A lot of muso's are still in the dark about FLAC, yet WAV is well known among musicians, DJs and producers. Which creates a demand for WAV - so from that point, it's more profitable to offer uncompressed files (albeit at a higher price) than to educate people about other codecs and how to use them.

Personally i'm not bothered about dealing with uncompressed files - HDD space costs nothing these days and internet speeds are fast enough to download the files in, not more than, a few minutes.

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