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OSNews, Generic OSes After several modifications, feature tweaks, and revisions, please feel free to beta test our revision of version 4. Recently introduced to the site? Amongst many other things: Themes! Read on for a more complete changelog!
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I Love v3
by asupcb on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 13:49 UTC
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I love the layout of version 3 of the site and I hope that you keep the layout of v4 as close to the layout of v3 as possible.
I also like the blue comments of the old v3.
I know the logo you are using is a placeholder I just want to say that the current v3 logo is awesome and I don't think you need a new one.
I would like a little more space on the right side of the screen by the articles and the comments, personally. I like having more empty space than is currently given on the right side of the screen.
The default theme needs some kind of boxes around them to give each news article more separation from each other, like v3 does:)
It's your site and you can do with it as you like but I do truly love the layout of v3 and I just can't imagine it getting much better than that although I look forward to being proved wrong. Good luck with new site layout.

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