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Apple This morning, Apple and EMI announced the availabilty of DRM-free music in the iTunes Music Store. DRM-free songs will feature a higher audio quality (256kbps), and will cost USD/EUR 1.29 per song. They also announced that they are working on getting The Beatles' music in the iTMS.
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RE[5]: Yay
by Laurence on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 16:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Yay"
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You've overlooked my point that the sites offering uncompressed files for download were /specialist/ stores (ie different from the average online music shop).

I wouldn't expect the average user to download WAV files, but then I wouldn't expect the average user to be DJing in front of 2000 people on a 40k sound system either ;-)

Granted they maybe ignorant, but then at least with uncompressed files you know /exactly/ what you are getting and you know it's 100% compatable with all of your set up (for example, most sequencers don't support FLAC)

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