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OS/2 and eComStation "In this anniversary, I'd like to shed some light about my first-hand experience with [OS/2], especially since I see many attempts at history re-writing and over-simplification, when people compress OS/2's two decades into a single paragraph. An OS/2 user named Roger Perkins wrote to OS/2 newsgroups ten years ago: "Here's to OS/2's 10th Anniversary on April 2nd! No OS has ever died so many times!"
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RE[2]: Help Me
by ronaldst on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 17:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Help Me"
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Oh... Which is better. CONFIG.SYS, or a much larger registry that can't even be edited without special tools? I know which one I choose!

OS/2 had it's own registry aka OS2.INI. Everything is dumped there. And it's not editable without tools. Because it's another binary blob. People need to run tools to clean it. And it's certainly isn't better than the Windows Registry. It's the same thing. Except the Windows Registry has evolved and taken steps to remedy it's shortcomings. I wish I could say the same for OS2.INI.

While CONFIG.SYS isn't better anyway. Especially when the user has to edit config.sys to modify a few lines to fix their video card problems. These show how much OS/2 is outdated and has always been poorly developed.

I don't see how could anyone put merit in these ackward things like OS2.INI and CONFIG.SYS.

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