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Windows "Unlike previous Microsoft operating systems, Windows Vista is pretty streamlined right out of the box. It makes terrific use of a system's resources, but it's built as much for pretty looks and increased stability and security as it is for horsepower. It's time now for a course of action that will take the ball and chain off this baby and let it fly. The ink on Windows Vista's EULA is barely dry, so it's very likely that more speed tips, registry hacks, and deep settings will be revealed in the weeks, months, and years to come. For now, here's our set of tweaks that can help you turn up the throttle on your new operating system."
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by Laurence on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 18:19 UTC in reply to "right"
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so after all this is done dont you end up with an OS that closely resembles windows 2000 in apearance? the entire purpose of upgrading to a new OS is to get new fresh features and a new fresh look. so like 15 years and 3 OS's later you have to use something that looks a lot like win2k to get good performance...

The GUI maybe simular, but whats under the 'bonnet' certinally won’t be

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