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OSNews, Generic OSes Version 0.67 of Visopsys was released today, with all the usual bug fixes and tweaks plus two focus areas of improvement: the IDE/ATA disk driver has been 'modernized' with PCI, DMA, and 48-bit addressing support, resulting in a raw I/O performance increase of up to 700%; additionally the Disk Manager (Partition Logic) has been re-engineered and modularized to support the later addition of new disk label types, as well as improved support for MS-DOS logical partitions (moving, creating out-of-order, etc.). Downloads are here, and the change log is here.
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RE[2]: Short comings it may have
by andymc on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 23:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Short comings it may have"
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Hi all, thanks very much for your comments. I normally try not to get involved in the discussions (though I always read all the comments, natch!) but:

Its pretty good for a one man show, but he should be careful not to attract a large community; he would quickly be consumed with requests and problem reports otherwise.

Partition Logic (just Visopsys with a few modified config files) gets downloaded on the order of 20K times per week. Trust me, when there's a bug, I sure know about it ;)

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