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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Sun's CEO Jonathan Schwartz loves to splatter the media with the line that Windows, Red Hat Linux and Solaris stand as the only operating systems of significance in the server kingdom. We've spent the last few years struggling to appreciate the seriousness of that claim. Sun's declining system sales failed to inspire much optimism about the company conquering the data centers of tomorrow with a deflating 'venerable' OS. A couple of recent items, however, have tweaked our view of Schwartz's favored claim. It could well be that Solaris - of all things - provides the 'iPod moment' Sun seeks." In the meantime, Sun upped the speed of some of its SPARC chips.
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RE: Bring it on!
by binarycrusader on Wed 4th Apr 2007 11:59 UTC in reply to "Bring it on!"
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OpenSolaris is just getting off the ground. But it has the potential to be a major contender. Of course, Sun may be shooting themselves in that particular foot by carefully maintaining license incompatibility with Linux. Despite the major differences in their respective kernel internals, drivers seem to me to be one area where code might effectively be shared. And drivers are what Solaris needs most.

Sorry, but this argument doesn't hold water. Even if you got past licensing, the driver model for Solaris and *BSDs is extremely different from that of Linux. You would pretty much have to rewrite most drivers from scratch to get them working. As such, there would be little benefit driver wise from changing the license.

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