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Mac OS X Most reviews of Tiger were conducted on fairly new and fast Macs. This article, however, focuses on running it on a low-end Mac. And, to the reviewer's surprise, it runs ok.
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by kaiwai on Mon 11th Jul 2005 02:26 UTC in reply to "Question"
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Well, the fact remains that the first Mactel minis wouldn't probabkly arrive for another 1 1/2 years; the fact remains, coupled that with the fact that x86 native applications will take some time to appear on the shelves (online and at shops), I'd say its a safe beat to purchase a Mac now; with that being said, you're better off purchasing a iMac or PowerMac, you're simply wasting your time with a mini-Mac, the processor is too slow, the hard disk is sluggish, and the memory expandability makes me ROFL.

In regards to a 'shelf life', for a mini-Mac, you're looking at 2 years *MAX* before it becomes completely usless; spend the extra money now on a G5, and it will be secure for atleast 3-4 years, without any problems.

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