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Zeta For the first time in its 7 years of existence, some decent statement has been released concering the legality of Zeta. Access, the current owner of Be, Inc.'s IP, states: "We have sent 'cease and desist' letters to YellowTab on a number of occasions, which have been uniformly ignored. If Herr Korz feels that he holds a legitimate license to the BeOS code he's been using, we're completely unaware of it, and I'd be fascinated to see him produce any substantiation for that claim." Update: Bernd Korz has replied on his blog.
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RE: "Haiku MAX"
by JPisini on Wed 4th Apr 2007 19:37 UTC in reply to ""Haiku MAX""
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I can't speak for anyone else but I have always enjoyed Vasper's work at setting up a system so I could very well see me using his Haiku distro.

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