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Windows At the Black Hat Conference in Amsterdam, security experts from India demonstrated a special boot loader that gets around Vista's code signing mechanisms.
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RE[2]: Opening Vista Up
by Laurence on Wed 4th Apr 2007 22:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Opening Vista Up"
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Growing up, the biggest problem when getting infected was a boot sector virus. They usually came on a diskette and no matter what you did, every time you rebooted, blahmo! At the time, the only thing you could do was C:>fdisk /MBR and even then, you couldn't be certain you got rid of it. Usually, the little critter copied itself into memory and check every so often to see if the boot sector still contained a copy of itself and if not, just copy itself back in there.

Later, anti virus apps got better at dealing with them but they where incredibly popular, not to mention effective, until the net come along.

Yeah - that's what I was thinking about when I asked. Seems like yonks ago and wasn't sure if my memory was going in old age lol

Back on topic though: I can't see many people writing MBR virii for Windows when Worms and Trojens are much easier to code and just as effective.

....That said, building a bot net with systems you have kernel access to could be tempting to a few.

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