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Hardware, Embedded Systems were once more very kind to send us one of their products for a review. Geeks sells cheap laptops --among others-- and so we asked for a low-cost laptop without an operating system in it for the purpose of this review. They sent us the IBM T23, (currently selling for just $299) and an extra 256 MB stick of RAM ($30). We tested the laptop with three different OSes, read on for more.
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ok, I tried the SNAP drivers. It does not work because the Scitech driver only supports xorg 7.0, not 7.2. It bails out when it comes modifying xorg.conf, and after I did it manually, it fails loading the actual driver saying that there was a mismatch.

You are better off with an Intel gfx laptop IMO.Edited 2007-04-04 22:35

Bugger. :-(

Thanks for trying anyway, much appreciated. Off to ebay for an intel chipset methinks.

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