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Zeta A lot of things have happened in the past few days concerning Zeta, BeOS, and Haiku. In order to create some order in the chaos, Eugenia and I have created a rough timeline of what happened the past 6-7 years. Read on for the timeline and some more thoughts on the matter. Update: Magnusoft ceases distribution of Zeta. Update II: Access answered the questions posed in the article.
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regarding Koch media
by memson on Wed 4th Apr 2007 22:45 UTC
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"So. It's 2001. Be, Inc. is in talks with a German company (Koch Media, more here) to grant them distribution rights of BeOS 5 in Germany and the rest of Europe"

I don't think that statement is correct. Koch media definately already produced boxed BeOS R5 Pro CD's at least from around the release of R5. Way before BeOS NG or Zeta. I have a copy of it. In the UK they were the only version of BeOS that was ever "on the shelves" in stores (including PC World, where I got my Koch media copy.) I got my copy about a year before Be went under. I never saw a copy of the GoBE CD until a few years later. The Kock distro is almost identical, except it is bi-lingual (English and German) as is the rather thick manual that comes in the box, you get a "shareware and freeware" CD too, and the MP3 player (soundplay is it?) that GoBe installs to /boot/home is not present. I think everything else is the same fairly well. The CD is red and black. The box is silver black and has coloured writing, screen shots and is bi-lingual. Both PPC and Intel are on the CD as with GoBe.

Maybe they wanted to extend their rights?


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