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Zeta A lot of things have happened in the past few days concerning Zeta, BeOS, and Haiku. In order to create some order in the chaos, Eugenia and I have created a rough timeline of what happened the past 6-7 years. Read on for the timeline and some more thoughts on the matter. Update: Magnusoft ceases distribution of Zeta. Update II: Access answered the questions posed in the article.
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RE: I'll tell you why...
by Vibe on Wed 4th Apr 2007 23:26 UTC in reply to "I'll tell you why..."
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YellowTab and Magnussoft don't have deep pockets, the product never sold like gangbusters, and Bernd (if he went beyond whatever license agreement he had) isn't important enough to sue. The only remaining reason anyone would sue is out of principle, and it would be more costly for them than anyone they accused of IP infringement.

Didn't Zeta sell more than BeOS originally did?

How much did that gross?

Why didn't Palm or Access see any money?

Where did the money go?

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