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GNU, GPL, Open Source This was Stallman's first talk since the release of draft 3. He explains how the 'tivoisation' clause was narrowed to encourage wider adoption, how the Novell-MS deal is tackled in two directions, and why the Additional Requirements section was dismantled, among other things. Possibly an interesting sidenote is an interview he gave straight after the talk.
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FUD runs both ways?
by Bounty on Thu 5th Apr 2007 16:31 UTC
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Is it just me, or does the FUD seem to run both ways.

"Developing a non-free program is no contribution to society. It's an attack on freedom and social solidarity." -Stallman

I have this perception that society got better with the advent of the information age, which seems to have included much proprietary software. I don't think the guys making Pacman were really attacking fredoom and social soidarity?

Maybe there should be a fifth freedom: The freedom to attempt to give you, or sell you whatever I choose to.

(that could include binaries encapsulated in an EULA)

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