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Zeta A lot of things have happened in the past few days concerning Zeta, BeOS, and Haiku. In order to create some order in the chaos, Eugenia and I have created a rough timeline of what happened the past 6-7 years. Read on for the timeline and some more thoughts on the matter. Update: Magnusoft ceases distribution of Zeta. Update II: Access answered the questions posed in the article.
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RE[5]: I'll tell you why...
by tonestone57 on Thu 5th Apr 2007 17:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I'll tell you why..."
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I just don't get you Linux advocaters coming on here & bashing Haiku.

All I hear is "Haiku won't make it. Forget Haiku & BeOS; They're not worth it.", etc.

Well. When Linux started out, 1) how many users did it have? 2) In the first 5 years, what did the number of pc users grow to? 3) What platforms did it support? 4) How good was it overall?

It has taken Linux many, many years before gaining lots of users and popularity. Haiku will do the same over time, though today, it has to compete with Linux. What are you afraid of, that Linux will lose the battle? You like Linux so much, then stick with it and let the rest of us enjoy BeOS/Haiku.

I think Haiku will make it, but won't happen in 2 years, but take something like 5 years to start being noticed *and* Linux / Windows will lose users to Haiku.

This isn't flame-bait. Just the facts.
I didn't realize you had a crystal ball and could see 10 years in the future & know what Haiku will or won't have. Linux didn't offer much in the start either, it took a couple of years *after* the first release to get things going.

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