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GNU, GPL, Open Source This was Stallman's first talk since the release of draft 3. He explains how the 'tivoisation' clause was narrowed to encourage wider adoption, how the Novell-MS deal is tackled in two directions, and why the Additional Requirements section was dismantled, among other things. Possibly an interesting sidenote is an interview he gave straight after the talk.
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RE[2]: FUD runs both ways?
by Bounty on Fri 6th Apr 2007 16:51 UTC in reply to "RE: FUD runs both ways?"
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I completely agree with your first paragraph.

Is charging for education anti-ethical? Same for all publishers that charge more than the cost of the media?

If I spend 500 hours making a program, why should I be forced by ethics, to give it away for free? While someone uses my program to help fix someone's car and get paid for it? Supporting most software is just exchange of knowledge, should Red Hat be able to charge for that... to put conditions on the transfer of knowledge? Is it for their time... what about my time?

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