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OpenBSD "I, Michael Buesch, am one of the maintainers of the GPL'd Linux wireless LAN driver for the Broadcom chip (bcm43xx). The Copyright holders of bcm43xx (which includes me) want to talk to you, OpenBSD bcw developers, about possible GPL license and therefore copyright violations in your bcw driver. We believe that you might have directly copied code out of bcm43xx (licensed under GPL v2), without our explicit permission, into bcw (licensed under BSD license)." The entire thread can be found here.
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Hi, I'm using Slackware (my private OS of choice) and some OpenBSD boxes mostly at work myself :-)

If I interpret this message in the thread correctly [1], then the specifications from the reverse engineers are open for everybody to work with[2][3] and the reverse engineering team has even stated, that they would be happy to discuss /clarify the specifications with developers from the BSD camp.

As one of the reverse engineers, the reason for the openness of writing the specification was to ensure that the Chinese Wall method was maintained.

To date, I have not been contacted by any of the bcw programmers regarding clarification of the specification, but I would welcome any questions they might have.

As others have said before, the effort that the bcm43xx
developers went through (complete clean room reimplementation, separate reverse engineering team)[4] is impressive and should act as a model for other projects too. And better sharing of specifications is certainly something the teams should work on, but this was hardly the problem here, where the bcm43xx reverse eng. team seems to have been very open minded.


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