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FreeBSD Pawel Dawidek announced today that the ZFS filesystem is now part of the FreeBSD operating system. iSCSI, booting, ICLs, and extended attributes are not supported yet.
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FreeBSD on the Desktop
by adamk on Fri 6th Apr 2007 20:17 UTC
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So this is offtopic as is pertains to ZFS, but does directly relate to using FreeBSD on the desktop...

Unfortunately, FreeBSD no longer has a qualified developer maintaining Xorg. There are three freebsd ports committers working on bringing Xorg 7.2 into the FreeBSD ports tree. Their focus is on fixing other ports which are now broken due to the changes in X11BASE that is happening at the same time as the migration to Xorg 7.2.

No one, however, is currently working on fixing the broken AIGLX support for the radeon and intel drivers ( ). Nor does it appear anyone is working on X11 related bugs (such as ). In addition, one of those three developers has said that once the problems with the other ports are sorted out, they will be merging Xorg 7.2, whether or not AIGLX is still broken at the time.

To me, the lack of 3D support for a card which is well supported by open source 3D drivers under linux, makes FreeBSD nearly unusable as a desktop. And, even if DRI did start working on this card, the lack of AIGLX support puts FreeBSD at a severe disadvantage to linux when is comes to 3D desktop support. I believe the only way to get beryl working on FreeBSD at the moment, for example, is with an nVidia card and the nvidia drivers.

Till FreeBSD gets someone on board who can remedy these problems, I've had to switch to linux, booting FreeBSD only once in a while to update the system and update my ports.

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