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FreeBSD Pawel Dawidek announced today that the ZFS filesystem is now part of the FreeBSD operating system. iSCSI, booting, ICLs, and extended attributes are not supported yet.
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RE[2]: FreeBSD on the Desktop
by adamk on Fri 6th Apr 2007 20:49 UTC in reply to "RE: FreeBSD on the Desktop"
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Yeah 3D desktop, hype of the year

You may consider the 3D desktop hype, but I consider the zoom features to be a necessity at this point, at least for me.

if you do need couture try a Mac.

Besides, why should I use a Mac when linux does just what I need? FreeBSD used to be on par with linux in that arena, it isn't now.

Or maybe Xorg hasn't got qualified developers who can develop system independent.

Either way, it's still FreeBSD's problem. They used to have someone who worked on DRI support, they don't now.

Besides, 3D accleration at this level has always required kernel support. Expecting the Xorg developers to remove all operating system specific support is not going to happen. Ever...



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