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GTK+ Kimmo Kinnunen wrote yesterday on the GTK+-WebCore developer mailing list that he has imported the Safari 2.0 WebCore branch into GTK+-WebCore. "This means that from the webcore/javascriptcore part, the code is mostly the same as in current Safari. So if there are any crashes, they're not from webcore/javascriptcore part of the codebase with very high probability, rather my code."
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Interesting convergence
by Dasher42 on Fri 6th Apr 2007 22:38 UTC
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So now KHTML has travelled from the KDE libraries to Apple to become a part of Webcore and is now being ported to Gnome. I think that a software library in common between the two main Linux desktops and OSX is pretty significant. Much as people bellyache about fragmentation, seems like there's convergence going on where it matters.

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