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Amiga & AROS The AROS team has published a new status update with a list of improvements. Another important step in AROS customization has been done. Darius Brewka and Georg Steger have added a new decor system to Wanderer, allowing user to edit and change themes. Damir Sijakovic's ICE theme has been used as an example and it is now the default theme for AROS nightly builds. In addition, a USB keyboard driver has been committed, among other things.
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RE[6]: Wanderer ?
by ncafferkey on Sat 7th Apr 2007 00:11 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Wanderer ?"
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The basic design should be (many of you already know this), inside out:

1. Window server (takes care of drawing, windows, blah, blah)
2. GUI toolkit (base for all controls, and a standard set of controls)
3. Wanderer

That's more or less how it does work in AROS. The status update is misleading. Theme support has been added to the intuition library (effectively AROS's window manager), not to Wanderer.

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