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FreeBSD Pawel Dawidek announced today that the ZFS filesystem is now part of the FreeBSD operating system. iSCSI, booting, ICLs, and extended attributes are not supported yet.
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RE[5]: FreeBSD on the Desktop
by Oliver on Sun 8th Apr 2007 15:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: FreeBSD on the Desktop"
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It's this ill-fated term "desktop" a buzzword from Microsoft and Apple. I do have my "desktop" at FreeBSD and sometimes, if I have to cope with Debian, I have the same desktop too. So in the end it depends on the user.

I could easily say, most of the people nowadays is lost in eye-candy. But people who do need an easier entry level can go with DesktopBSD and PC-BSD - no distros, but an easier entry to FreeBSD. So what? We don't need a 2nd Ubuntu because people are too lazy to learn something.

Call it Zen or KISS, it's almost the same. You get a prof. base, with lot of options and you can build up your own environment. No interface-nazis according to Linus, no LSB mumbo jumbo in Linux, no half-cocked drivers just because of some media buzzwords and so on.

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