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Internet & Networking Gaim, the ubiquitous open source instant messaging program, in order to settle a lawsuit with America Online, was renamed "Pidgin" last week. The derivative projects, libgaim and gaim-text will be renamed libpurple and Finch respectively. The new website is at, but it's currently pointing to the Gaim sourceforge site. Pidgin 2.0.0, in development for well over a year, is expected this week.
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RE: Shame about the UI
by WereCatf on Mon 9th Apr 2007 10:34 UTC in reply to "Shame about the UI"
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Sure, Adium is pretty, but IMHO Pidgin's interface is easier to look at. All that eye-candy makes it harder to have a quick look and grasp quickly what's happening, you know? But it's all just a matter of personal tastes really. Besides, I don't use Pidgin anyway cos it lacks support for webcam..aMSN looks just plain hideous, but atleast it does what I want ;)

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