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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Sony has recently updated their VAIO UX Micro PC line with the UX390N series. This little beast packs the power of a full blown Microsoft Windows Vista computer into a form factor of only 5.91"x3.74"x1.27"x1.50". When you first look at palm sized portable device you may guess it to be a souped up version of the Sony PSP, but if you take a look at the USD 2449.99 sticker price, you will probably guess it does a whole lot more. And that it does."
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four dimenioal
by Schmeggma on Tue 10th Apr 2007 01:26 UTC
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a form factor of only 5.91"x3.74"x1.27"x1.50"

Ahh! You see, they fit all that extra hardware in the fourth dimension where we can't see it.

Sorry, the way that was presented just confused me a little until I RTFA. ;)

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