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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This is a more critical than usual mini-review of Ubuntu Feisty beta on an HP NC8430 laptop. It practically examines some of the problems laptop users will run into when trying to run Feisty on their hardware."
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> This not just puzzles me, it means Linux developers have no clue about
> the non-geek community they mean to target.

It puzzles me just as well why nobody takes Linux as a platform to implement a complete end-user system just the way Apple did. Take a talented developer, a talented product designer, and somebody with a clue about usability, then start off where Linux is now. I don't rate Linux very high in usability or coolness, but that's exactly the exercise to solve here - and you actually get a lot of help since (1) it can already do a lot, if you are an expert (which you should be if you try to build a product), (2) it's free in both senses, and (3) you can ask the community (though some people can be quite offensive when they hear that you want to build something that "just works").

Now if doing that just wasn't so boring...

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