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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This is a more critical than usual mini-review of Ubuntu Feisty beta on an HP NC8430 laptop. It practically examines some of the problems laptop users will run into when trying to run Feisty on their hardware."
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Why aren't 1440x900, 1680x1050, etc. not supported?

The VESA and VGA drivers are only intended for graphics cards made 10 years ago, which have no better driver.

The reason his laptop is using them by default, is that there is no driver for ATi cards that ships with Feisty, so it falls back to the lowest common denominator. Windows does the same, by the way!

Resolutions like 1440x900 didn't exist back in the day (it's not even 4:3) so not all graphics cards support them, and Feisty has to use safer settings.

It would be interesting to find out whether you get all the resolutions with a card supported out-of-the-box, like an Intel. If not, that would be a real bug.

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