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Windows Microsoft officials have admitted one of their biggest challenges in continuing to grow the company's Windows business is the impression among some of its installed base that older Windows versions are good enough. The users of Windows 95, which turns ten years old on Wednesday, are a case in point. Elsewhere, here is a story about the launch of Windows 95 exactly 10 years ago.
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RE[2]: keeps going BOOM!
by evert on Thu 25th Aug 2005 08:34 UTC in reply to "RE: keeps going BOOM!"
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just wait until something goes astray and you lose all your long filenames, which will be converted to something like mydoc~1

after exactly that happened to me, i switched to ntfs

after ntfs crashed (fist few sectors lost because windows xp liked to write to those sectors during system turnoff) i had to buy expensive repair software but i recovered all my files

now i store most of my important files on ext3 and my maildir on reiserfs - no problems so far

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