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Zeta A new development in the Zeta legality issue: BeOSFrance says to have written confirmation from Jean-Louis Gassee that to JLG's knowledge, YellowTAB did not have an agreement with Palmsource [French]. My French isn't exactly what it should be (I should've paid more attention during high school), but with the help of Adam and others we managed to translate the most important bit: "The impropriety and absence of an agreement between yellowTAB and PalmSource (at the time, still the owner of the BeOS IP) had been confirmed to me in writing by the person best-placed to talk about it in those circumstances: Jean-Louis Gassee."
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Knew This Along
by sirhalos on Wed 11th Apr 2007 18:20 UTC
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They were a lot of us that felt that there was no agreement with BeOS or Palm and that Yellowtab and Zeta were illegal.

I knew it all along and as far as Zeta dying I personally think that it died because more people didn't trust the product.

I bought and purchased BeOS 5 Pro and I know others that did as well and loved the product but I was not about to invest money into Yellowtab and Zeta. The biggest complaint I have to this date after finding out this information is through all those years OSNews stood up to Zeta and made claims that it was ridiculous that we even think that the product is illegal.

OSNews has to responsibility to report the news accordingly and ask the questions we all asked and receive the mail accurately. OSNews failed to do this and stood up to Zeta and what it stood for and they were a lot of us that were against it and felt it was illegal and jumped boat to believing and saying it was legal with not evidence. Now that we know it's illegal I feel OSNews should post an apology to us as a community for sponsoring Zeta and sending propaganda that it was legal.

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