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General Development "What makes programming languages are suitable or unsuitable as introductory languages? Which languages are better learnt first and at which order? And why what the masses think is the most suitable introductory programming language is not in fact that. This paper examines several approaches to which programming language is the best, and afterwards gives several useful relations for which languages should come first. Finally it gives a final verdict, defends it and then gives some other good food for thought."
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RE[2]: PHP!
by Alex Forster on Wed 11th Apr 2007 18:45 UTC in reply to "RE: PHP!"
Alex Forster
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1) Php makes it easy to write spaghetti code

What? So does every other language with control structures...

2) Php is basically useless without HTML knowledge and useless for anything but web programming.

Even an elementary knowledge of PHP lets people write useful web applcations. You write your calculator in Perl, and I'll write my blog in PHP. At similar skill levels, each is reasonable. And I know people who don't understand the separation between "Windows" and "the computer" that have learned an impressive amount of HTML and CSS just in editing their livejournals, myspaces, etc.

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