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General Development "What makes programming languages are suitable or unsuitable as introductory languages? Which languages are better learnt first and at which order? And why what the masses think is the most suitable introductory programming language is not in fact that. This paper examines several approaches to which programming language is the best, and afterwards gives several useful relations for which languages should come first. Finally it gives a final verdict, defends it and then gives some other good food for thought."
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by icoqc235 on Wed 11th Apr 2007 21:14 UTC
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As successor of Pascal and Modula-2/3, I think Ada is the right choice. Simple programs like "add 3+2" are today kind of curious, and programming in the large is the task for today/tomorrow. Ada is the language of choice for me since 12 years - available on many platforms and an ISO standard. Tasking included. What else do you wish? Programmers heaven. Think of ISS & F-22 & JSF & Space Shuttle -- complex tasks and Ada is in there. Strong typing ... if you need to be very safe, use SPARK - a subset of Ada. I'm just curious of other peoples usage of C and derived languages. Debugging all the time...
time over estimated project livetime. Funny....

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