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General Development "What makes programming languages are suitable or unsuitable as introductory languages? Which languages are better learnt first and at which order? And why what the masses think is the most suitable introductory programming language is not in fact that. This paper examines several approaches to which programming language is the best, and afterwards gives several useful relations for which languages should come first. Finally it gives a final verdict, defends it and then gives some other good food for thought."
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It depends
by RandomGuy on Wed 11th Apr 2007 22:28 UTC
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It really depends on the person learning to program.
Some guys like to write fancy code right away.
On the other hand for me it is very annoying if concepts appear out of the blue and I've absolutely no idea how they're implemented.
That's probably why I like C or perhaps C++ best.

Anyway, the rule of leaky abstractions is gonna get you so the only question is if you want to learn abstract concepts first and discover why they don't work as they should or the other way around.
In my case it was a C-program that relied heavily on tail calls. It ran out of stack space which made no sense to me until I saw the generated assembly and read about C's retarded calling convention which makes optimizing complex tail calls hard and sometimes even impossible.
That's actually one of the few things I hate about C...

Anyway, teaching Perl as the first languages seems to be a bad choice.
It's way too complicated.

Wouldn't the most straightforward way be HTML -> Javascript? I don't know JS (yet) so I cannot say if it is suited for beginners.
While we're at it: Which book would you guys recommend for learning Javascript?

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