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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "I must say that both of these distros have pleased me a lot and completely suffice my requirement of a home desktop system. Both automatically detected all my hardware and had installed the drivers required. However, when it comes to comparing the two, I get a little biased towards the more polished distro." Elsewhere, it is reported that Ubuntu's new Linux version sports a debugging tool.
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This article mirrors quite a few of my observations and feelings about this subject. OpenSUSE is on my x64 desktop and Kubuntu is on my laptop.

OpenSUSE on my laptop is definitely more sluggish, on the x64 machine it's a wash between the two for performance. I do prefer apt to smart, it's definitely faster to run updates and install and Adept is ahead of smart's gui. But, I have to say, I've tried Kubuntu two times on my x64 machine and keep going back to OpenSUSE on it. The x64 version of Kubuntu is lacking the attention and polish that the i386 versions have received.

I'll probably try 7.04 when it's stable on my x64 but I'm looking forward to 10.3 this fall.

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