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Syllable, AtheOS "Brent has put the Syllable User's Bible (SUB) back online, hosted on Feel free to check it out, and email Brent with improvement suggestions. SUB's design hasn't been integrated into the main design yet."
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New Hardware
by jello on Thu 12th Apr 2007 16:49 UTC
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I know this project involves a lot of work, but at a certain point in time it needs to run on every x86 hardware.

The Syllable team members are claiming that this OS should become a desktop os for everyday use.
But it doesn't run on newer hardware like my compaq notebook.

I'm not talking about that Syllable should have drivers for every new hardware. I'm talking about to fall back on simple VESA video modes or harddrive drivers that work out of the box.

If you want that Syllable is taken serious it should at least run on every hardware. And if all fails, it should at least run in some sort of safe mode.
Even freedos works on my notebook.

Please take my input as encouragement to get around some hardware issues with a clever designed safe mode.


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