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General Development "What makes programming languages are suitable or unsuitable as introductory languages? Which languages are better learnt first and at which order? And why what the masses think is the most suitable introductory programming language is not in fact that. This paper examines several approaches to which programming language is the best, and afterwards gives several useful relations for which languages should come first. Finally it gives a final verdict, defends it and then gives some other good food for thought."
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Too many paradigms
by alexandru_lz on Thu 12th Apr 2007 20:18 UTC
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> 3. introduce too many programming paradigm at once.

Bingo :-D it's what has been fiddling around my mind for the last couple of hours.

I remember my own experience the first time I tried to learn LISP and I couldn't understand a damn thing. I already knew procedural programming, but I was experiencing something which was 90% new and I was receiving a lot of information that was completely strange to me. I had to take another shot at it, a couple of weeks after, to let the little information I had acquired settle down.

I guess the same would happen for someone who is not acquainted with programming, when trying to understand a language like C. There are important things in C programming which are simply too hard to gasp, like string processing functions and pointer manipulation.

That's why BASIC is probably so cool. There are very few concepts you need to explain that are related to the language itself, and you can concentrate on what is essential.

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