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Windows "Anyone else remember when Microsoft used to talk about making Windows Vista (or Longhorn, as it was then known) a fast-booting operating system. Fast, as in cold boots that were 50 percent faster than those possible with Windows XP? Something obviously went awry. As Computerworld is reporting, a number of Vista users are none too happy about Vista boot-up times. Some are questioning whether Microsoft is advocating that users just put Vista into sleep mode, as opposed to shutting down systems on a daily basis, to mask the sluggish boot up."
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RE[2]: No, really?
by Laurence on Thu 12th Apr 2007 20:20 UTC in reply to "RE: No, really?"
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They were supposed to release their version of Linux in 2003.

Where is it ?
Why delay so long ?

Looks good though.


How can they charge for Linux when it's under the open source licence? (GPL is it?)

Plus, more to the point, wouldn't it make more sense (from Microsofts perspective) to update their UNIX OS rather than draw more attention to Linux


doh - the penny just dropped lol

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