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BeOS & Derivatives Vassilis 'vasper' Perantzakis, of BeOS Max Edition fame, has announced that he will start work on WalterOS, the Haiku-based version of BeOS Max. "All code developed for this OS will be given to Haiku with the same MIT license 1 month after release at the latest. 50% of all income generated for us from any activity related to this OS (selling of CD and possibly memorabilia) will be donated to Haiku. Donations will not be accepted, please donate to Haiku." The name is not final yet, so feel free to add your own proposals.
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RE[3]: Good, but
by ormandj on Fri 13th Apr 2007 00:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good, but"
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Vasper was given unofficial ok from David S, from Access, for BeOS MAX.

Access is mainly concerned with those:
#1 Profiting off BeOS derivative
#2 Anything relating to BeOS source code ( using, modifying, access to and open sourcing ).

Since BeOS MAX is free, & uses BeOS binaries instead of BeOS source code, Access ( or at least David S, from Access ) are ok with BeOS MAX being distributed. So, unlikely they would accuse it of being illegal ( even with no official agreement in place ) or even go after Vasper ( ie: Access has nothing to lose anyways because BeOS isn't being developed by them ( Vasper isn't stealing business from them ) and BeOS is just stored away somewhere at Access, not even being used ).

I did see that, but it's still questionable. Unless Vasper got a signed legal document saying "it's ok", it's risky business. Not to mention, I don't think he wants the association with Zeta anymore, and I cannot blame him for that. Of course, I do not speak for him, his logic may be entirely different. :-)

Come on, Luposian has only filed about 200 bug reports so far on this issue :-)
He still has another 800 to go to reach 1,000.

Haha. The other day, somebody of "importance" (I won't name drop) gave good ole' Lupo a really detailed and clear explanation of what was going on, in hopes that he would stop submitting it as a bug/posting on OSNews about it being a bug. I wonder how well that has worked. :p The guy seemed like a little kid (Lupo) but from what I understand, he's in his 30s and just very excited about the possibility of having a running Haiku. Too excited!

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