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BeOS & Derivatives Vassilis 'vasper' Perantzakis, of BeOS Max Edition fame, has announced that he will start work on WalterOS, the Haiku-based version of BeOS Max. "All code developed for this OS will be given to Haiku with the same MIT license 1 month after release at the latest. 50% of all income generated for us from any activity related to this OS (selling of CD and possibly memorabilia) will be donated to Haiku. Donations will not be accepted, please donate to Haiku." The name is not final yet, so feel free to add your own proposals.
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RE[2]: Name proposal
by Kochise on Fri 13th Apr 2007 14:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Name proposal"
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Yup, "pwn3d OS" that means it is superior to all of its legacy incarnation, official or not...

You're the first to speak about "Haiku Max", in the headline, Thom talk about WalterOS, and also adds that "The name is not final yet, so feel free to add your own proposals." I made such proposal...

Thus, "What exactly was wrong with "pwn3d OS" anyway?"


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