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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "One reason that people might choose to miss out on OpenSolaris is because we're (in general) a conservative lot and a lot of people have had bad experiences with Solaris (and, dare we say it, also with Windows and Linux) in the past. No matter how much software and UI improves, it takes ages for the community to accept this. A reputation that took years to build can be lost with one bad release - but won't be quickly reinstated with one good one. So there will always be people who resist change - and why not, if what they have now works for them. However, various people pointed us at Ubuntu and 'an OpenSolaris-based distro focused specifically on developers'. So perhaps things have improved for Solaris lately and, as I said in the original article, it's now worth another look."
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by ormandj on Fri 13th Apr 2007 18:24 UTC in reply to "RE: solaris"
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Rah rah, blah blah blah, why are you still here trolling Solaris stories? What's this, troll attempt #85937? You ought to consider retiring, I don't even think you agitate people anymore you've become such a regular. ;) I'm wondering if Adam didn't code an automatic -5 down-mod for you when you post in Sun/Solaris related stories. :p If he hasn't yet, he probably ought to (here I come, suggestion box!)

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