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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "In the usual announcement to the Ubuntu developer list Ubuntu founder Mark Suttleworth this morning announced the name of the next Ubuntu release plus one, due out in October 2007: Gutsy Gibbon. Gutsy will follow Feisty Fawn due for release on April 19. But, more interestingly, Shuttleworth also talked of a new ultra-free version of Ubuntu that can be expected alongside Gutsy Gibbon."
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Sometimes you have to take a step backward to take two steps forward. Which would you rather have: a purely open software system, OR a system that is X times more popular, drawing in Y more developers, but it uses proprietary video card drivers.

If you want people to use a product, you have to think of them. They want their software to work, because they don't care about it. They have more important things to do than wrangle with the OS on their microwave or computer. I think some members of the FSF need a reality check -- The world is so much bigger and better than nerds like us. SO much bigger.

"in the long run that will leave the user without the power to help himself or his neighbor with their software"

The world runs on Windows, and people are getting along just fine without needing friends to come tweak and recompile their system.

No one can predict the distant future. Maybe chastising users because Nvidia has a business to run is a good idea for 2017, and maybe it isn't. But product development exists in the here and now. To the normal human user, the debate is as simple as this: are you prepared to make me the best product possible? If not, I will go somewhere else.

So the truth is found in an agreement to disagree, a sort of compromise where two sects part ways. The small minority of the population keeps their niche alive, while the majority moves things forward.

This is why Ubuntu is going to have two versions. One product for people who care about all this computer jumbo mumbo, and another product for the rest of us.

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