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Windows It's been a while since the latest Microsoft-should-open-source-Windows article, so SJVN felt compelled to write one. "Although Microsoft may claim otherwise, Vista, from both from a technical and business point of view, is proving to be a failure. Why not turn it over to people who have shown time after time that they can deliver the goods?"
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by nivenh on Fri 13th Apr 2007 21:39 UTC
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why is open-source always touted as the magic bullet solution to [insert your problem here]?

vista isn't doing well because it creates just as many or more problems for the average person than it actually solves. i don't think open sourcing it would resolve those problems any faster than if MS were to just admit its problems and address those issues themselves.

they've invested too much in anti OSS hype and the "vista is doing great!" hype to turn back now. and while the typical (i hope) human can see mistakes they've made and be open about making them, corporations typically can't lest their finances suffer.

the only question left is.. why on earth did i spend time replying to this article... [ponder]

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