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BeOS & Derivatives Vassilis 'vasper' Perantzakis, of BeOS Max Edition fame, has announced that he will start work on WalterOS, the Haiku-based version of BeOS Max. "All code developed for this OS will be given to Haiku with the same MIT license 1 month after release at the latest. 50% of all income generated for us from any activity related to this OS (selling of CD and possibly memorabilia) will be donated to Haiku. Donations will not be accepted, please donate to Haiku." The name is not final yet, so feel free to add your own proposals.
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Captain Halibut
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2007-04-08 the past is irrelevant. The past is gone. Today is now. Haiku has enough going for it to succeed on its own...

Vibe, with every setback in the BeOS world there is likely to be an ever-diminishing circle of BeOS users as a result of the demise of Zeta. [Hang on, screw 'fans' - there is likely to be an increasingly diminishing circle of ordinary Joes likely to go for a BeOS when all these legal troubles filter into what passes for mainstream OS thinking]

Apart from the [now seriously] questionable legality of Zeta, I can't understand your dismissal of anything which doesn't have the word 'Haiku' in its title. A great (Be)OS will not sell itself. yT and Magnussoft spent a considerable amount of money promoting Zeta, and it gained X amount of users. How much money do the Haiku folks have in the bank?

[I say this as a Zeta owner btw - I think it's the best BeOS so far]

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