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Windows It's been a while since the latest Microsoft-should-open-source-Windows article, so SJVN felt compelled to write one. "Although Microsoft may claim otherwise, Vista, from both from a technical and business point of view, is proving to be a failure. Why not turn it over to people who have shown time after time that they can deliver the goods?"
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It's also a little insulting to everyone with a modicum of intelligence and/or honesty, not to mention Redhat (not to say they aren't members of either group) to insinuate you can't make a profit from free software.

Is that the really the only way you know how to argue by twisting what I say to fit your view of the world. There is no difference between Open Source and Closed Source software, just different methodologies for getting the same job done. In addition my statements were in response to the original poster, and they were a reply.

Sure you can make a profit from Open Source, but you can also make a profit from Closed Source. That was never what was in debate, my comment was how insulting it was to say that for profit software automatically equals failure.

Also open source software wouldn't be were it is right now if wasn't for the tons of money that companies like AT&T, Xerox, IBM, Sun, and Microsoft poured in to universities for research on software and hardware. Nobody has ever analyzed what it would mean if all software went open source, and the distribution was free. The development of new software and research benefiting computing would slow.

You may disagree and you are entitled to, but one thing you can't disagree with is that money = research and research = new developments. So maybe you should think twice about your view of the world.

Because the benefits of Microsoft Research are in your home right now. Especially if you have digital TV which is based off the Microsoft research on IP-TV, which is based off Microsoft's research in to streaming video over the internet. But nobody uses that, (,, do they?

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