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BeOS & Derivatives Vassilis 'vasper' Perantzakis, of BeOS Max Edition fame, has announced that he will start work on WalterOS, the Haiku-based version of BeOS Max. "All code developed for this OS will be given to Haiku with the same MIT license 1 month after release at the latest. 50% of all income generated for us from any activity related to this OS (selling of CD and possibly memorabilia) will be donated to Haiku. Donations will not be accepted, please donate to Haiku." The name is not final yet, so feel free to add your own proposals.
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RE[3]: Good, but
by ormandj on Sat 14th Apr 2007 19:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good, but"
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I sense I've become somewhat of a OSNews/Haiku newsgroup celebrity for my persistant insistance on this particular topic.

Replace "celebrity" with "annoyance".

As I've told a friend of mine (yes, I actually DO have them... I haven't driven EVERYONE away, with my "unique personality"), I don't come here to be liked. I come here to bring awareness and a realization of an issue.

Why are you bringing "awareness" to an issue everybody is already "aware" of, many thousands of times over.

However, it's really no different that someone coming here saying "Zeta's illegal... blah, blah, blah." (hmmm.... now where have I been hearing THAT a lot lately?). The "Paul Revere" among us is trying to bring awareness and a realization of trouble to the masses who either may not realize the severity of the problem or even seemingly CARE that there IS a problem.

"Awareness" is already there, "realization" is already there, and yes, we do care, but there are much more important issues to work on first.

In summary, you're wasting your time/efforts (and our time dealing with you constantly trumpeting an issue everybody already knows about.) I thought when you got the explanation the other night you'd finally quit, but obviously not. We all already know about the bug, it is planned to be resolved, but all the more pressing issues are going to be sorted out first.

"Your" little bug will be fixed by R1, so I suggest you wait until then to use Haiku. You're obviously not capable of understanding what an in development OS goes through as a process to ready it for release.

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