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Windows It's been a while since the latest Microsoft-should-open-source-Windows article, so SJVN felt compelled to write one. "Although Microsoft may claim otherwise, Vista, from both from a technical and business point of view, is proving to be a failure. Why not turn it over to people who have shown time after time that they can deliver the goods?"
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I don't remember ever posting that I'm against research. Maybe you should think twice about your view of what I write. In fact all editions of UNIX upto and including Seventh Edition were research - and THEY were open source.

But where did the money come from for that research. Yes companies who's practices weren't open. I believe AT&T was the father of UNIX, and they are hardly close to an open company. So don't get up on your high horse and pretend to be above everybody, you are using software that may be open, but the research was bought by the proprietary software you now speak against.

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