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Debian and its clones "For much of its history, Debian has been the major noncommercial, philosophically free distribution. Now, as Debian developers and users have deserted the distro for Ubuntu, does Debian have a purpose any more? Debian 4.0, which was released this week, represents a collective effort to answer that question. The philosophy behind the release is best summarized on the home page for the Debian on the Desktop subproject, which states, 'We will do everything we can to make things very easy for the novice, while allowing the expert to tweak things'."
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This time, it...worked
by mwtomlinson on Sun 15th Apr 2007 10:35 UTC
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In the past, there's always been something that didn't go right when I've tried to install Debian. This time, it...worked. First try, no re-dos, no muss, no fuss. I even managed to successfully install the nVidia driver (another first for Debian!), thanks largely to the write-up at

It's also causing me to take another look at the Epiphany browser (sorry, I refuse to use "Iceweasel" just because the whole "rebranding" thing is just silly). Not too shabby for a lightweight browser.

While I continue to be a (mostly) loyal Ubuntu user, this time I think my Debian install is gonna stick around for a while...

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