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Graphics, User Interfaces Microsoft has given a go-to-market name for its cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for delivering the next generation of user experiences and rich Internet applications for the Web. The technology formerly known as WPF/E is now known as Silverlight.
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I’m still not entirely sure how the DRM in Silverlight is going to affect users experience.

Take on of the biggest current applications for Flash video streaming – Googles Youtube:
Google are not going to monitor the upload of every single video to check if it’s infringing on copywrites (if it did, it wouldn’t allow the upload in the 1st place) – so no DRM on those sites.

Take another major source of video streaming – news and TV stations:
They’re not going to DRM their streams because they’re offering the service for free (and those who are not force you to register to access as ‘members’ area already anyway).

Internet radio stations would follow the same as the TV stations.

Porn sites with video:
The video downloads are already DRMed. So no change there.

I genuinely can’t think of one instance where this DRM is going to play a major (or even any at all) impact to a users browsing experience.

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